Create and object

Feb 22- Class Activity
Class activity objective was to create an “object” in 30 minutes with an assigned partner.
What is this thing? A bird sitting in a bird nest
What inspired you to create it?
Our inspiration was the feather and the eyeballs and we created a beautiful bird like object.
Tyler and I were partners for this group activity. Each group was given a plastic bag with essential materials to create “something”. The plastic bag contained: 2 eye balls, a small black box, 1 orange straw, bubble wrap, 2 pieces of blue tissue paper, 1 feather, black/silver ribbon, and a few other items.

HIV/AIDS in the Military

In this paragraph the introduction is giving the background on Brian Cozart and his likes/dislikes. Which is very general and narrative like. In the policies the writer gives facts with numbers of the evolution of the homosexuality and HIV/AIDS in the military over a span of three decades. Implementing different policies over a timeline which have allowed homosexuals to serve in the military and have become more acceptance of the “gay” and “lesbian” community. The “Dont Ask Don’t Tell” policy that was implemented in 1994 allowed individuals to not disclose their sexual orientation when enlisting in the military. The writer presents detailed facts with a timeline ranging form 1960-2000. Paraphrasing the policies and putting it into chronological order so the reader can understand the evolution of homosexuals in the military. The writer presents briefly the Bill Clinton issue “lift the ban” on homosexuals in the military . I feel the writer is wanting the reader to understand how people thought of homosexuality in the military and many thought of it as an illness. Ultimately, the writer presents many facts and historical events that have taken place to allow the LBGT community to evolve over time.

Feedback is always positive

Feedback is always a great thing to get from your professors at the beginning of the semester so you can apply the feedback and work on your weakness. I need to be less “wordy” and get straight to the point. I need to write from a personal  stand point and not be so research essay writing. I need to write personally based on my personal experiences. In unit 1 i was a  rusty grammatically and going into unit 2 i want to use less words and have a sense of personal ownership of my work. I want to become a better communicator in overall and in Unit 2 written and spoken.

Week 1- Activity 2 BLM Movement

B). As a little girl growing up in northern California, I never saw someone for his or her skin color I saw a soul. As I grew older, and moved to the South it was a completely different story, and I started to realize that individuals saw skin color first. To this day I still don’t understand racism and I believe very strongly that “we” as a human race are all equal.

The similarity between the Black Lives Matter and the HIV/AIDS epidemic is that the BLM is only affecting the “Africa American” communities and the HIV/AIDs epidemic affects all races across the entire globe.  Meanwhile, from an educational stand point I feel both the HIV/AIDs epidemic and the BLM are implementing platforms such as blogs, websites, rallies, historical documentaries, and educational classes to inform individuals of how this is epidemic is effecting the people in our communities and across the whole world. As a result, of individuals getting educated via educational classrooms, Internet, and movies people are informed of the severity of these epidemics happening in our back yard.

Alexander,M.(Photographer).(2018, February 5). Atlanta, GA.

Conventions of the Book and Blog Genre

Halman- Book (Audience other researchers)

• Black/ white (gray scale)
• Centered title page
• Title: subtitle
• Line definition title bigger don’t (official/blocky)
• Lots of space
• Published info at bottom
• Authors center/editors
• Chapter names and page each page.
• Specific lexicon defining words
• Work cited page at the end
• Linguistic text
• Indentations- conveys meaning

The Other Sociologist –(Blog Audience other researchers, younger )
• Colorful a lot of colors
• Author presence
• Whimsical
• Visual images
• published dates
• social media post updates regularly
• author easily assessable
• “about” the author
• subscription
• pages/ menus
• fonts