Stigma vs Strength

In conclusion, the HIV/AIDS scourge is one that cannot be ignored. Since its discovery in the early 1980s, the disease has continued to grow in enormity. Several aspects have continued to be studied and discovered in relation to the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Several public figures have contributed to the evolvement of informing the public of HIV/AIDS. Gary Trudeau played a key role in bringing awareness to the HIV/AIDS epidemic and the LGBTQ through the character of Andy Lippincott.  Andy Lippincott’s character brought into the forefront the significant views of the public in relation to HIV/AIDS and the LGBTQ. One of the most important aspects he brought into the forefront was the stigma associated with HIV/AIDS and homosexuality.

This is definitely seen in the public reaction following his death, including the fact that three publications refused to run the strip. He also highlighted the vulnerability of the homosexual community in relations to HIV/AIDS infection. Besides, the increased vulnerability to stigma is seen in the reaction from the rest of the characters upon the realization of the sexual identity of Andy Lippincott that mirrored societies opinions at that present time. It is prudent to note that the issues raised by Lippincott in his characterization have played immense roles in research and education about HIV/AIDS. The comic strip also brings into the forefront the influence of comic book and written literature towards the course against HIV/AIDS and homosexuality. In a nutshell, the section of Andy Lippincott is an indication of the steps that the United States and the world as a whole have made towards research and the fight against HIV/AIDS.


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