4/3 class notes

Activity #1:
Step 1: Introduction
Working with the 3 step method.
1) Introduce the source
2) quote/paraphrase the source citation
3) comment on the quoted/paraphrased material: how does the quotation support (or refute or clarify or give dimension to or..)your argument/analysis?
Why does “Joe Potato” not need introduction.
author & publication
already credible – to whom
audience awareness is huge
how we introduce our source “rhetoric” how we want to introduce our source several different ways.
4 ways to integrate a Quotation:
1)signal phrase set off by a comma: “situation”
EX: Amy Tan— words in brackets [] means your own words…. when you are taking words out you must …
2) signal verb with a “that” clause:characterizes the author “argues that”
3) Signal clause or full sentence set off by a colon:
4) Quotation integrated into the grammar of the sentence
Activity#1 cont.
Step 2: Citation
Micheal Levin Example:
-difference between the two style of citation and why? why does it matter?
more credible using “philosophers” makes your ethos more credible.
– what is a block quotation?

when you quote an author for longer than just one sentence.
command tool button ”
Step 3: Commentary

What do we need to consider in order to answer that question
when you’re using your evidence you are using it in your way.