Essays in Material Culture

Essays In Material Culture by: Kenneth Haltman and Jules David Prown

  • Prownian Analysis – a means of identifying, analyzing and categorizing objects in Historical Archaeology.
  • Etymological– relating to the origin and historical development of words and their meanings.
  • Metaphysical- relating to metaphysics; the essentially metaphysical question of the nature of the mind.
  • Phenomenologically- relating to the science of phenomena as distinct from that of the nature of being.
  • Polarities- the property or characteristic that produces unequal physical effects at different points in a body or system, as a magnet or storage battery.
  • Intertextual- interrelationships relationship between texts especially works of literature.

Identifying an object

Understanding why an object holds historical significance. Once you identifying an object or text you need to understand the significant value it holds to you individually.

In order to have a better understanding of the significance of an object we need to find the polarity in the object such a hot/cold soft/hard life/death. When expressing your interpretation of an essay, you need to make sure you organize your thoughts methodically.

Material Cultural intellectual and sensory responses

As I read and analyze an essay and or image I need to keep in mind the object of a material cultural and the importance of choosing my personal view and linguistic wisely. How I interpret a visual object has to do with my personal experience because the way I interpret an image or text will not be the same another person will. By having a diverse cultural life experience you will have knowledge and a better way of articulating your interpretation of an object. By having life experiences and evaluating image or text remaining neutral, your audience wouldn’t feel that the author has cultural biased or critical assumption that was translated.

Evaluating Emotional Response.

When assessing an object I need understand the mental reasoning behind why an object or subject makes me feel a certain way and why. By understanding myself, it aids me with the ability to relate to the authors conveyance and my personal understanding of my emotional connection.

With that knowledge, I would understand why I have a emotional connection with an object and or subject.

Evaluating Research, Speculations and Creativity

By understanding an object culturally, intellectually, emotionally you then create your own understanding of an object. By comprehending the different metaphors and the relationship behind all the analyses and research you perceive then in return creates my own personal speculations. Narrowing your research in a simplistic direction helps you convey your message


Week 1- Activity 2 BLM Movement

B). As a little girl growing up in northern California, I never saw someone for his or her skin color I saw a soul. As I grew older, and moved to the South it was a completely different story, and I started to realize that individuals saw skin color first. To this day I still don’t understand racism and I believe very strongly that “we” as a human race are all equal.

The similarity between the Black Lives Matter and the HIV/AIDS epidemic is that the BLM is only affecting the “Africa American” communities and the HIV/AIDs epidemic affects all races across the entire globe.  Meanwhile, from an educational stand point I feel both the HIV/AIDs epidemic and the BLM are implementing platforms such as blogs, websites, rallies, historical documentaries, and educational classes to inform individuals of how this is epidemic is effecting the people in our communities and across the whole world. As a result, of individuals getting educated via educational classrooms, Internet, and movies people are informed of the severity of these epidemics happening in our back yard.

Alexander,M.(Photographer).(2018, February 5). Atlanta, GA.

Unit 1 Jan-11 Reading Response A&B Questions

Blog Post “Essay in Material Culture”.

  1. Haltman in “Essay in Material Culture” crafted a method that has changed the way I interpret and perceive objects and text. Along with extensive vocabulary and in depth descriptions of how we identify an object in cultural material, emotionally and intellectually. As a result of applying his method to my writing process will aid me in conveying a structural and non-biased opinion. By taking into consideration the choice of words will not convey the audience to believe that it’s a biased or critical viewpoint?
  2. “Thoroughly describe the object, paying careful attention, as relevant, to all of its aspects-materials, spatial, and temporal”.

“Producing a sketch or schematic drawing may further this process, but avoid using precious words at this point on introductions, conclusions, restatements of the assignment, or autobiographical confessions; just describe what you see.”

These quote from Haltmans text communicated to me that visually imagining an “ object” will aid you in your word choice with the conveyance of your interpretation. By understanding and unraveling the profane language that an author is trying to deliver will assist you in your clarification of your own interpretation. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this “Essays in Material Culture” by Haltman. I took away very important key methods that will be applicable to my daily life on how and why I interpret a passage and or an object a certain way.