Haltman and Prown- Summary and Thesis Statement.

In the “ Essay In Material Culture” by Haltman and Prown which they convey how scholars and students interpret an object and the significances of an object. As a matter of fact, when you pinpoint an object you first must be able to understand the significant value that object has culturally, intellectually, physically, emotionally and creatively. For instance, by having divers cultural life experiences you will interpret a  in-depth polarity material expressions of formal oppositions such as hot and cold  light and dark in an effective analytic assessment.  Haltman and Prown conveyed the significant value an object or text embraces culturally, intellectually, physically, emotionally, and creatively will define your interpretation.

Work Cited

Jules David Prown and Kenneth Haltman, eds. American Artifacts: Essays in Material Culture. East Lansing: Michigan State University, 2000.