In Loving Memory of Andy Lippincott

Andy Lippincott quit panel which is on display at the NAMES Project foundation located in Atlanta, GA. The quilt panel is approximately 70x 90 inches in dimensions. The quilt, which is hung on the wall at the NAMES Project Foundation is unique for a couple reasons first it does not have a block number and secondly because Andy Lippincott’s panel is the only quilt panel which has been dedicated to a fictional character. Andy Lippincott was a fictional character in the comic strip Doonesbury and was introduced in January 1975 by writer and cartoonist Gary Tradue.

The base color of entire quilt panel has a mixture of colors, which are rouge, blush pink, and turquoise. Dedicated on the first block of the quilt is a quote with Andy’s awards and achievements as well as a cartoon illustration of Andy Lippincott’s character in Doonesbury. In a rectangle shape box with a salmon pink base color outlined with a thin stitch of black fleece. Right side of the panel is a large cartoon image illustration of Andy’s Lippincott character from Doonesbury comic strip. On the left side of image in rather large black font that is written in black marker “ In loving memory of community leader, conservationist, author, Olympic medalist, and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize! “ While Andy Lippincott and 1945-1990 is stitched with black fleece into the quilt.

The bottom portion of the panel is a comic strip from Doonesbury. The quilt panel bottom half has another rectangle shape box with royal blue base color in standard cotton with white standard cotton outline stitching. The comic strip has three rows vertical and eight rows horizontal. I spent an hour or so reading through the entire comic strip on the quilt panel. The comic strip presented on the quilt panel has a few interactions that Andy has with a few other characters from Doonesbury. Joanie Caucus while working with Andy is smitten but soon heartbroken when he confesses he is “gay”. Soon after Andy is diagnosed with HIV/AIDS and doesn’t tell Joanie and she find out by another colleague. On one of the comic strips on the first row vertically and third horizontally is a conversation between Andy and Joanie that I found quite interesting. This is after Joanie found out he was in the hospital and is her first visit to the hospital. Andy is lying in hospital bed when Joanie asks, “ Andy, how can I help you through this? Is there anything I can do? Andy reply’s with, “As a matter of fact, there is, Joanie you could give me something that all the doctors and nurses in this hospital either cant or won’t do.” As Joanie holds Andy’s hand she says, “Anything, Andy, anything at”… Andy lying in the hospital bed holding Joanie’s hand says, “A bag of White Castle hamburgers”.

I found this dialog between Andy Joanie quite humorous and interesting because that fact that Andy is in the hospital and is very sick with HIV/AIDS and is still making jokes shows a lot about his character. I realized after reading the entire comic strip on the quilt panel that my emotions went on rollercoaster from sad and hopeless to laughing at Andy’s funny sense of humor.









Alexander, M. (Photographer).(2018, February 5). Andy Lippincott. Atlanta, GA: The NAMES Project Foundation.