Week 1- Activity 2 BLM Movement

B). As a little girl growing up in northern California, I never saw someone for his or her skin color I saw a soul. As I grew older, and moved to the South it was a completely different story, and I started to realize that individuals saw skin color first. To this day I still don’t understand racism and I believe very strongly that “we” as a human race are all equal.

The similarity between the Black Lives Matter and the HIV/AIDS epidemic is that the BLM is only affecting the “Africa American” communities and the HIV/AIDs epidemic affects all races across the entire globe.  Meanwhile, from an educational stand point I feel both the HIV/AIDs epidemic and the BLM are implementing platforms such as blogs, websites, rallies, historical documentaries, and educational classes to inform individuals of how this is epidemic is effecting the people in our communities and across the whole world. As a result, of individuals getting educated via educational classrooms, Internet, and movies people are informed of the severity of these epidemics happening in our back yard.

Alexander,M.(Photographer).(2018, February 5). Atlanta, GA.

Flickr ” Rate Schedule”, Sign last time! Objective Description

Flickr Notes:

In this grey scale photo is a lady in her mid thirties with what appears to be blonde hair in a coffee shop. She has a short sleeve shirt on and is pictured form her midsection up. The ratings of this establishment are B 89. Besides the lady is being in the photo there are several signs in the background. Once sign says, “Good Coffee cheaper than Prozac”. Another signs states, “ Rate Schedule: Answers $1.00, Answers Require Thoughts $2.00, Correct Answer $4.00, and dumb looks are still free”.


  • There is a sign that says, “coffee is cheaper than Prozac”.
  • It looks like the lady has thin eyebrow makeup on and dark ear make-up on.
  • The woman’s ear is bare.
  • The picture is a grays sale.
  • The lady has very dark roots, but on top the long strands are very blonde.

Unknown. (Photographer). (2015, January 18). Look at the “Rate Schedule” Sign last time!


Ancient Crayon 1/30

Ancient Crayon lets archaeologists draw conclusions

“ British archaeologists have uncovered a 10,000-year-old crayon that provides a tantalising glimpse into the lives of Mesolithic settlers. “crayon-like object”, is 22-milimetres long and seven-millimetres wide, an elongated structure comprised primarily of haematitite, although with some small hard pieces of other minerals embedded.” It was discovered by a team led by Andy Needham from the University of York in England, from a site called North Yorkshire.

“The lack of any obvious artistic or design elements to the grooves, the researchers write, can be taken as evidence that the object was periodically and precisely scraped to obtain red ochre. The pointy bit, they suggest, “might indicate the elongate shaped piece was used as a drawing and colouring tool, perhaps in a similar way to a contemporary pencil or crayon”.

“in the area have included beads and pendants, and a collection of more than 30 headdresses fashioned from deer skulls.”

  • The way this author is presenting this is sensational
  • 10,000 year old literacy; communicating or creating knowledge
  • Go beyond Haltmans tex
  • Compare& draw distinctions

Haltmans text Quote-

“While only some of culture takes material form, the part that records the shape and imprint of otherwise more abstract, conceptual, or even metaphysical aspects of that culture that they quite literally embody”(2)

* Objects carry more meaning than their face value. If you extrapolate from them or analyze them you can learn about the culture which they come.