“Representing AIDS in Comic”

MK Czerwiec is a woman that wears many hats she is a nurse, author, and artist. MK in February 2018 was publish in the AMA Journal of Ethics with a medical narrative “Representing AIDS in Comics” MK worked for many years as a nurse in the inpatient HIV/AIDS Care Unit 371 in Chicago when she found that her best solution for coping with her emotionally demanding job was drawing and writing comic strips. MK author of Taking Turns: Stories From HIV/AIDS Care Unit 371 is comic memoir of her personal journey as a nurse and how she found her artistic side aided her in coping with the death of many of her patients. Comic strips have been used for many years as a platform to inform and educate people on social and political issues some may say that the information being published is inaccurate. The Internet has become a vital source for many in researching information with one click of a button you can find virtually anything you want to know. The AMA Journal of Ethics is niched towards the medical and health care groups but anyone that is interested can gain access to the vital information that Published in the AMA taking place in our society.




The Internet has become vital resource for individuals to speak out by using social media and other platforms to inform as well as by doing personal research. By taking into consideration Andy Lippincott fictional character from the comic strip Doonesbury created by Gary Tradue in the late 70’s early 80’s to create an awareness of the HIV/AIDs epidemic which was associated in that era with homosexuality which was not accepted by many. By Gary using his platform as a cartoonist published in newspapers across America. Meanwhile, MK Czerwiec wrote a comic memoir Taking Turns: Stories From HIV/AIDS Care Unit 371 which is her personal experience she gained as a nurse at the in-patient HIV/AIDS care Unit 371 in Chicago. Mk used her personal experience and artistic talent to inform persons on how she used art to cope with her emotional demanding job as a nurse. Gary and Mk both used comic strips to create an awareness of HIV/AIDS and how it affects people emotionally and physically. In our society we need individuals who are not afraid to speak out on political and social issues that our society faces as a whole.



Mk, Czerwiec RN,MA. (2018) . Representing Aids in Comic. AMA Journal of Ethics.