4/3 Class activity

How does the writer introduce her argument?
-The writer starts her introduction with facts regarding the military and for the most part remains neutral in the beginning with a lot of facts.

How long is the introduction?
-The author quotes and paraphrases throughout the entire 3.5 paragraphs.The author builds an idea that there is a problem with the affordable housing in Orange County.

Where does the author paraphrase? quote? why one and not the other?
-The author paraphrases throughout the entire analysis but quotes when needed.

What is the authors thesis?
The Housing Affordability ACT: Making Supply Meet Demand.
Thesis: “The cites’ dependency on sale-tax revenue has given them a bias against the development of affordable housing units, causing them tot urn down affordable housing proposals, and thereby hinder cities from meeting the affordable housing needs within their communities”.

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